Welcome to NSR 2024

Welcome to NSR 2024

Publisert av Vibeke Katrine Aasland den 14.09.23. Oppdatert 14.02.24.

The Lions Nordic Cooperation Council NSR is a cooperation body of the Lions organisations in the Nordic countries. NSR was founded in 1962, and has arranged annual meetings since then. The Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden - cooperate on several areas, including development projects and representation at the International Convention. 

NSR 2024 is hosted by Lions Norway and will take place at Quality Airport Hotel Gardermoen, January 19-21 2024. The meeting is open for all Lions-members.

In order to grow in membership, a strong sense of commitment and loyalty to the organisation is important. This is the core message of the theme ONE LIONS. At the NSR meeting in January, we will all discuss this topic from different angels.


There will be two special guests attending NSR this year. 

Seminar Friday: "Voluntary work into a new and more troubled time"

The keynote speaker on Friday is Øystein Tunsjø who is a professor at the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies and member of the Norwegian Defense Commission.  

Seminar Saturday: "GMA in the Nordic countries and Mission 1.5."

Second Vice International President A. P. Singh will be attending digitally as a guest speaker on Saturday. A. P. Singh is an excellent motivational speaker. His favourite topic is membership growth and retention, and he has served as GMT international coordinator for four years.

In addion to listening to these and other amazing speakers, you are encouraged to engage in seminars and workshops with fellow Lions. There will be lots of opportunities for interesting discussions and networking in this international Lions forum. You are most welcome!


Follow this link:: https://arena360.no/Events/3367/8718?pane=About